About Us

A new platform championing artists and designers by taking their work onto fashion and lifestyle products. We are not about quantity but would like our customer base to covet the limited edition and bespoke pieces. We will also have some handpicked vintage pieces that our curators have found and would like to share to a wider aspirational and discernible audience.  

It is our aim to champion undiscovered artists and help them to bring their initial designs to fruition, as well as more established designers with ready-made collections that we love, want, need, cherish and aspire to own. 

We represent and pioneer our designers with pride. We will host open days for illustrators, designers, creators and artists to showcase new and undiscovered products to be sold through the Shop Sister LDN platform.

We have launched Shop Sister LDN with collections from the first collaborative label, Sister Loves, featuring a range of androgynous and timeless, luxe silk and wool scarves. Our initial inspiration for a collection was cities of the world, especially nodding to London, as the city we call home and our heritage, but also featuring other fashion capitals - New York, Tokyo and Paris. 

Whether you are for treating yourself, are looking for a unique gift or would like a platform to find inspiration, take a look through our collections and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. By shopping with us, you will be supporting new and emerging designers and artists directly.

We are taking art onto fashion and vice versa, to collaborate and create, both established and emerging and to create unique, authentic and sustainable designs. 

Designers And Creatives

Vera Kudrina

Vera Kudrina is an Illustrator and tattoo artist, her thoughtfully composed tattoos are unique and recognizable for their stylized, fine line quality and for being wholly reliant on her imagination. Each illustration has been created with the same aesthetic you would expect to find from her tattoo drawings.  

R. W. Phillips

R. W. Phillips returned to painting after many
years working as a professional graphic designer on many prestigious projects within the film and television industries. Recent paintings have been experiments in the de-construction/ abstraction of both form and content, often referencing text imagery.

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